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What is the Coaching Impact?  The Coaching Impact is one of growth, one of evolution, and one that ripples around the globe, impacting layers deep with every human interaction.
Every coach is part of the impact; each and every session, each shared meme and idea, generates a new ring in the Coaching Impact ripple! It’s only right that every coach should also be part of the world-wide coaching conversation!
Coaching Impact Radio is a ‘for coaches, by coaches’ podcast and Internet Radio Show. It’s all about coaching. In any given show you’ll find us exploring coaching technique, coaching as an industry, and how we all can make even more Coaching Impact ripples to add to the momentum. There will be interviews with global coaching leaders, conversations, live coaching, Q&A exchanges, explorations of how this profession changes your life, and more information about coaching that you can shake a stick at!
We’ll laugh, cry, brainstorm, innovate, cheer, challenge, and really stir things up. That’s how coaching makes an impact!