Life’s Soundtrack: The Healing Power of Music

Publish Date: Wednesday, April 20th.
You are what you eat: A phrase heard since childhood. However, you are the outward and inward result of all aspects of your environment. Terri talks with Dudley Evenson, co-founder of Soundings Of The Planet, for a discussion of music, sound, and reaching the very heart of your existence. What is the soundtrack of your life? What are the soundtracks of your client’s lives?

Pivotal Moments: Living From The Inside Out

Publish Date: Wednesday, February 3rd.
Recognizing a turning point in life is only half the battle. Now you need to understand how it’s changed your life, and where to go from here. Coach and author Dr. Ann Clancy joins Coach Terri to share insights into discovering pivotal moments; information that can be found in her forthcoming book,  Pivotal Moments: A Coach’s Guide to Igniting Substantial Change.

New Coaches: Some Sage Advice

Publish Date: Wednesday, January 27th.
Ever hear of an overnight success? We often find that “instant recognition” comes from years of effort in one’s chosen field. There’s no instant replacement for old-fashioned leg work. Thought Leader and Author Nancy Marmolejo joins Coach Terri, and shares her insight and tips for the new coach – Information that even a seasoned professional can take to heart.

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