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Frankie Doiron, BCC, MCRC

Frankie DoironFrankie Doiron is the Founder and CEO of Impact Coaching Academy. She has been a leader in the coaching industry for over 10 years, leaving the corporate world to fulfill her life’s passion.

As a highly successful relationship coach, and the Founder of Impact Coaching Academy, she has a first hand knowledge of the struggles facing coaches today. But more importantly, she has the business expertise to identify the solutions needed to help coaches overcome those obstacles, and achieve the success they want and deserve.

Frankie’s passion and commitment to helping coaches create sustainable businesses is unparalleled. She founded  Impact Coaching Academy to fill a much needed gap in the coaching industry, laying out a clear business path for coaches to follow, so they can fulfill their deepest passion, and, in the process, be wildly successful.

Frankie has personally trained and mentored hundreds of coaches worldwide, exposing them to the ICA “Coach-Approach” business model and providing the mentoring and support they needed to achieve the results they wanted.

Her extensive business background, both as an entrepreneur (owning and operating several successful, multi-million dollar companies), and as a senior manager in Fortune 100 companies, has given her invaluable insights and knowledge about business operations, strategic planning, marketing, market research, and more! She advocates that coaches learn and apply corporate “best practices” to their own businesses, to leverage proven techniques and processes that work.

Terri Hase, MMC, PCC

Terri HaseTerri Hase is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Her direct and cut-to-the-chase style is warmly, and lovingly, delivered to every client and student.

Terri has been leading coach training programs since 2005, and has been coaching since 2001. Emerging as a coaches coach was quite an unexpected surprise, but it has blossomed to become some of the most successful and rewarding work Terri does. She has a huge passion for helping coaches live their dreams, and be the person and coach they desire to be.

Over the last decade, she’s earned several certifications, and worked with nearly 1000 coaches accomplishing just that!

One of Terri’s proudest accomplishment was earning her IAC-CC designation in 2004, and through ICA will be offering IAC Masteries training and mentoring beginning this Fall!

Terri’s passions also include coaching Family Aging Dynamics: End of Life, Care-Giving, Legacy, Rest of Life as Best of Life, Later Life Relationships, Environments for Longevity, and Gentle Living in an Overdrive World.

She is a Mom, Friend, Dog Mom, Sister, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Coach, and Life Long Learner. Her passions include living in the forest, which she does! In fact, if you can imagine places like this still existing, Terri lives in a part of the Pacific Northwest that is still without cell service!

Born and raised in hectic Southern California, and then transplanting to the forest, makes for a unique blend of perspectives! Terri brings a lot to the table and is approachable, relatable and effective while she’s doing it.

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